PsyCoun Institute Fall 2018 Workshops

PsyCoun Institute Workshops

This page lists workshops which have been scheduled. Check back regularly for changes and additions.

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Helping Traumatized Youth though DBT Practices * by Lee Richmond and Martha Milli
Emotion dysregulation, typical of that which occurs with traumatic experience, frequently accompanies depression, alcohol and drug overuse, violence, and suicide in young people. By understanding simple DBT concepts and the use of exercises based on these concepts, school counselors can help students and their parents develop the strategies and skills necessary to reduce stress reactivity, balance emotions, solve problems, increase positive feelings, and become more effective in relationships. This workshop emphasizes the necessary acceptance of reality; it includes exercises that focus on mindfulness tracking and practice, the increase of distress tolerance skills, and the elimination of what inhibits effectiveness. Resources for parents, teachers and students are included.

Sat, Oct 27

  • 9 AM - 4 PM
  • 6 CE Hours
  • Loyola Graduate Center, Timonium
  • $185 Professionals/ $105 Students
  • For school counselors and helping professionals
  • Price includes lunch
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* Qualifies for Lauryn’s Law *

Sacred Counseling by Lee Richmond
Sacred counseling is not presented as religious counseling and does not represent any specific theology.  It is counseling that “cares for the spirit” and as such is concerned with finding meaning and the passion that inspirits. Both active and passive meditation techniques are interspersed throughout the workshop where small group dyadic and triadic experiences are offered. Short powerful readings from the world’s sacred literature are presented for study and finding their meaning and value within counseling situations. The purpose of this workshop is to help counselors and their clients find meaningful pathways to wellness.

Fri, Nov 2

  • 9 AM - Noon
  • 3 CE Hours
  • MCA Conference, Embassy Suites, Airport
  • For helping professionals
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Finding Meaning Through Photo Metaphors by Lee Richmone, Marilyn Maze, Elda Schwartz, and Suzanne Savickas
The Photo Metaphor Cardsort is a new and unique approach to self-awareness using a visual medium. Clients choose photos that resonate for them, and become more aware of their values and motivations. Using this cardsort, the group process provides a powerful tool for exploring personal stories and passions. Participants will learn to administer the cardsort and draw out client narrative. The afternoon will be devoted to clinical uses of the PMC. Experiential activities in working with clients will provide training in the many ways to help clients to verbalize their inner wishes and dreams. Price includes a deck of cards.

Sat, Dec 8

  • 9 AM – 4 PM
  • 6 CE Clock Hours
  • Loyola Graduate Center, Timonium
  • $200 Professionals/ $120 Students
  • For HR personnel, counselors, and helping professionals.
  • Price includes a deck of cards.
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