Natalie Kauffman, M.S., NCDA Certified CAREER COUNSELOR, NCCC, GCDF-I

Natalie Kauffman, M.S., NCDA Certified Career Counselor, NCC, NCCC, GCDF-I, is a Nationally Certified Career Counselor with more than 30 years experience providing both on-site and virtual comprehensive career development and Master Career Counseling support to individuals and groups across the U.S. and around the world. From experience gained traversing business, government, education and NPO settings and serving ‘Generation Z’ to ‘Baby Boomers’ and beyond, Natalie is able to carefully tailor strategies and techniques to meet specific client or unique organizational needs. She is the proud recipient of the National Career Development Association's Outstanding Career Practitioner award for exceptional performance providing career development services. Natalie is also a seasoned online Worklife Careers Expert through the and adjunct faculty member/visiting instructor across multiple higher education institutions. She earned her M.S. in Applied Behavioral Counseling with a Career Counseling concentration from The Johns Hopkins University School of Education. Due to the recent economic downturn, current ‘Monet’ economy and Maryland’s growth of federal employment opportunities, Natalie’s job search support assistance has intensified its focus on federal possibilities. Even with one’s multitude of job search challenges, Natalie strongly believes that obstacles are surmountable and there are always at least 3 solutions.

Workshops Natalie has offered include:

  • Timely Tips for Securing Federal Government Jobs
  • Helping Client Survive the Job Search Roller Coaster
  • Importance of Using an Eclectic Job Search Approach in Today’s ‘Monet’ Economy
  • Writing Resumes that Get Read
  • Interviewing for the Offer
  • Integrating Social Media into Traditional Networking

Please see the Catalog for descriptions.

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