Training for professionals

PsyCoun delivers effective training in the areas of counseling, career development, and

psychology in flexible formats to meet the diverse needs of our clientele.

Our workshops are tailored to the setting.  Services counselors deliver and the mode of delivery is strongly influenced by your setting.  For example, school counselors serve the emotional needs of youth, often through rapid-fire encounters with hundreds of children or youth each day in a highly structured setting. Human resource personnel strive to inspire fellow employees while meeting their emotional and developmental needs.  Religious organizations serve adults who are motivated by personal growth and exploration within a religious framework. In each setting, clients may be hesitant to share their feelings and concerns for different reasons. Each setting demands different approaches and engenders different challenges for counselors.

The PsyCoun Institute is our non-profit subsidiary and offers low-cost, high-quality intimate workshops which are appropriate to a variety of counselors, psychologists, social workers, and the general public.  Visit our Institute page to see which workshops are scheduled, or contact us to request a specific topic for a group with which you are associated.

PsyCoun Consulting, LLC offers training and consulting services related to psychology, counseling, and career development to individuals, professionals, corporations, and educational organizations.  For more information contact:

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