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01/19/2019 6:27 PM | Lee Richmond
The Psycoun Institute is sponsoring the Career Construction Institute’s Conference and Institute Training in Maryland this spring and you can be a part of it.  Here is the back story.  This past summer, I was invited to attend the same conference and institute in Kent, Ohio. I thought about it: the travel and costs involved. I have always enjoyed hearing Mark Savickas speak, reading his works, and watching his video tapes. As counselor educator, I had taught social construction theory and life design for many years.  The conference and institute program in Ohio would occur two days after I would come home from a week-long Wise Aging retreat.  Did I want to turn around and travel again, and what would I learn if I attended the CCI conference and institute program? As it turns out, I decided to attend, and I learned a lot!  By the end of my stay in Kent I knew that I wanted counselors in the Maryland area to have the learning opportunity that I had, at low cost and without the travel expense.

It is quite an experience to observe a live demonstration by Mark Savickas, to be able to hear him tell you afterward what and why he did what he did and be able to discuss it with him, and to hear how it affected his volunteer client. And, wonderful bonding takes place in small groups when, under the tutelage of two experienced trainers, one can practice what one has learned.  But what is best, I think, is the final realization that “I can do this. It is not something just learned in books, something that others have done.  I can do this and make it my own.”

Before leaving Kent this past summer, I spoke with Suzanne Savickas, Executive Director of CCI and Mark’s daughter, about providing the Conference and Institute Program in Maryland.  I am happy to tell you that we were able to work things out.  Suzanne, Mark, and a faculty of experienced, caring teachers will be with us at Loyola University Maryland in Columbia March 27-29. If you attend the morning conference only, you will learn about the use of the life design, career construction model as a practitioner, an educator, or as an advisor or coach. But, if you attend the institute to follow, you will learn to do it.

Personally, I am excited about what can and will happen.  If you choose to attend, you will become a part of a group of people that are, I think, changing the face of not only how career counseling is done, but how life design relates to the wellness movement within the counseling profession. Space is limited, so register as soon as you can. Discounts are given to members of co-sponsors, so check with your state or national counseling associations to see if they are co-sponsors.  For students, a half-price option is offered.

Finally, if you see this as an advertisement or a promotional blog you are correct.  I unabashedly recommend and promote this experience. Participation in it may be the best professional development activity of your life. Details and registration are available at http://psycoun.com/career-construction

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